Welcome to GeorgiaView!

A remote sensing and geospatial technology consortium in the State of Georgia

As one of founding members of AmericaView, the GeorgiaView Consortium has developed an informed geospatial user community in the State of Georgia, within which satellite imagery and geospatial technology are practical tools for applications and research in a diverse user community. The GeorgiaView Consortium has focused on remote Sensing outreach and education, promoting research with remote sensing imagery, and creating synergy effects by collaborating with consortium members, within and beyond. GeorgiaView will continue to work on consortium development, outreach, collaboration with other stateviews and supporting AmericaView activities.

The following are examples of our activities:

  • Preparing future workforce in the field of GIS and remote sensing
  • Supporting geospatial technology activities and events for undergraduate and graduate students 
  • Promoting STEM fields to K-12 school students with geospatial technology by visiting and inviting them
  • Offering internships and research opportunities
  • Collaboration with consortium members
  • Sharing geospatial resources and instructional materials with the public
  • Promoting Earth Observation Day, GIS Day, and Earth Day with various events


Please feel free to contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you like to know more about our consortium.