"Spatial Health Patterns of Georgia: A Map Book" is available in the PDF format. You may download it from the "Resources" link.

This project was performed at University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia, during June 13-17 in 2016. Funded by AmericaView, the project was directed by Dr. Jeong Seong and the mapping and annotation tasks were performed by three high school intern students – Hailey Denney (Mount Zion high School, Carrollton, GA), Alex Sanders (Mount Zion high School, Carrollton, GA), and Deborah Seong (Douglas County High School, Douglasville, GA).

In this project, the OASIS (Online Analytical Statistical Information System, https://oasis.state.ga.us/) was used to make digital maps. The ebook doesn’t cover all maps available from the website. We chose about 100 themes from the website. If readers need more information, visit the website.